The renovation process begins with you, our customer, and a list of changes you want to make to your RV.

Most customers first contact us either by phone or e-mail and communicate with one of our renovation design experts. This initial contact answers your basic questions: what we can or cannot do, what the average costs are and how the scheduling is done.

The next step is to plan and schedule a visit to our facility with your coach to take a tour, see current RV renovation projects, review and determine the feasibility of your “wish list”, and to get an estimate of costs and time frame. Then our design and technical team will work closely with you to formulate an individual renovation plan including specific design features and materials. The process up to this point can take from as little as two hours up to six hours or more depending on the complexity of your renovation. All of this is complimentary to serious prospective customers.

Remember we take on any size renovation, from supplying and installing a new sofa or set of window blinds to a complete make-over including walls, ceilings, floors, electronics and cabinetry. Whatever the scope of your “wish list” and renovation plan, the next step is to schedule the work and to make an initial payment. Some of our customers leave their coach at our facility right after making a decision to proceed and some return at a specific time that suits both their schedule and our production time frame.

Due to the nature of our work, customers do not stay in their coaches while a renovation is in progress. However, you are welcome to visit or call, to review work in progress and to consult on design issues or required functional changes. We take pride in keeping you up-to-date on progress, meeting our deadlines, and having our customers out of their coaches for as little time as possible.

Upon completion of your project we do a final quality control inspection before we invite you to review our work. For larger renovations we ask that you stay at our facility overnight to “try out” your new coach and ensure you are satisfied. At this time final payment is required.

One last word about RV renovations – like any other renovation, they can be challenging and full of surprises, requiring a high degree of experience, creativity, and skill. At Classic Coach Works we have the full package to turn your renovation dream into a reality. We help you create reasonable expectations. We keep you informed and involved. Contact us now to start the process.