THE COMPANY, Auto-Motion Shade Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of specialty shading systems for the transportation industry. The Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Markham, Ontario with sales offices in Western Canada and throughout the United States.

For over 30 years, the company has been involved in the development, manufacture and sale of shading devices for projects around the world; today, Auto-Motion Shade Inc. has become North America’s largest manufacturer of manual and motorized roll-up sun visors, privacy shades and sun protection shades for coaches, transit buses, conversion coaches, locomotive, RVs and sailing vessels as well as for agricultural and construction equipment.

With its in-house R+D capabilities, Auto-Motion Shade Inc. is able to offer customized solar protection systems for the most demanding applications and it is continuously developing new solutions for its ever-growing customer base worldwide.

The success of Auto-Motion Shade Inc. is a result of the combination of innovation, excellence in service and consistency in the high quality of its products in the market place.


Automotion Cockpit Shade

· Windshield double roller shade unit that incorporates two motorized roller blinds.

· Screen shade for sun protection during the day time combined with privacy shade for night time.

· Easy installation with one mounting rail.

· Quiet motor with pre-set automatic shade positions.

· Equipped with sophisticated safety features, as outlined below.

Saftey Features

Since this double roller shade unit is being installed in the front windshield, the following technically-advanced safety features are standard with this unit to limit the risk of inhibiting the view of the driver should one of the blinds accidentally fail in its operation:

· Mechanical Limit Switches: Shades are powered by motors with mechanical limit switches to eliminate loss of end positions which is common with motors that have electronic limits.

· Motor Saftey Shut-Off: To prevent overheating, motor shuts off automatically should it become blocked for any reason.

· Integrated Safety Spring: Prevents shades from accidentally unravelling in case of component failure; automatically raises shades out of driver sight should motors ever fail.

· Mounting Rail: Sturdy aluminum mounting rail with solid steel bracket eliminates risk of brackets not being aligned properly during installation.

· Safety Clutch: Stops operation of shade should it ever become disengaged from mounting bracket.

· Anchored Motor Drive: Firmly secured inside roller tube to keep motor in place should shade accidentally be dropped during transport or installation.

· Secures Motor Head: Tightly attached to bracket to prevent seperation of motor from bracket.

· Safety Wiring & Visor Function: AMS Screen shades are available with an 8” vinyl visor strip at the bottom of the solor screen shade to provide sun protection while driving. This feature allows a clear view of the surroundings for safe driving and is an excellent alternative to using the privacy shade as a sun visor while on the road.

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